bow down, bow down, bow down to your god
We are like friends
But something more
We are like lovers
But something more
We ain't got no connection at all
But every time i see you
I just want to hold on to you
I don't know if you are broken
Or i am broken
But i just want to hug you and kiss you
And when you're not around,
I hate you
And I promise myself to hate you forever
But every time i see you
I don't want to let you go
And I promise myself to hate myself forever
For not being able to make you stay
And i hate you for always leaving me
At inappropriate times
And every time i like another person
I hate them for how every time i remember about you
And i hate myself
Every time that i have feelings for you
Because we don't have no connection at all
We are like friends
Who don't even speak or share
But sometimes hug and kiss each other
And i hate you for that
And i hate myself for that

@темы: да будет творчество, страдания


amie lawliet