bow down, bow down, bow down to your god
We cannot stay like this anymore.
You’re turning what was supposed to be a one night stand into something bigger.
But not big enough.
We are stuck in the wicked middle that I do not understand.
We cannot stay like this anymore because for me it is all or nothing.
I get attached easily, and if I’m with you
I want to talk to you
I want to see you everyday
I want to stay at your place not only after crazy party nights
I want to kiss you not only when there is nobody around
I want to hug you.
I want to feel safe.
This is cruel, what you are doing for me.
I am not a whore that you can just get whenever you want to get laid.
It was a one night stand, and now it’s something bigger.
Because you are making breakfast for me, you are cuddling with me; you introduce me to your friends.
You are not supposed to.
I am starting to care, and I don´t want to care.
Either take me as I am,
Or just remember what we had and leave me alone.

@темы: да будет творчество